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"Clarity of thought, conviction of belief and genuineness of purpose are the three very important aspects of any leader."
- RK Misra

Walk The Talk

Leader Among Leaders 

Not many of us have the zeal and determination to set goals and work towards achieving them. But, RK seems to have hit upon a formula that works for him—he identifies a goal and goes after it with his 100% commitment & sincerity.

“I have been somehow conscious of the age milestones- I had set a mental goal for myself that by the age of 30 I should be back in India as an entrepreneur and by the age of 40 I should be able to retire from business. Not that I had very concrete plans of what will I be doing post 40 - in fact the thought of being in public life evolved gradually.”

RK is surely living the change he wants to see around him. His clear and well-defined goals at every stage in life show that he is well on his way to achieving them.

What better quality could define a leader!


Much has been said about India's demographic dividend: that its working-age (15-59 years) population, as of now, largely consists of youth (15-34 years), and as a result its economy has the potential to grow more quickly than that of many other countries, including China.
But can India hope to garner its demographic gift? Can India provide financially remunerative & economically productive employment to its youth?
India suffers from several deficits on this front - education deficit, skills deficit, employability deficit and most importantly job availability deficit, especially for semi-urban and rural youth.  If these deficits aren’t addressed in an urgent and systemic manner, India will be unable to reap the benefits of this demographic dividend; in fact, it will become counterproductive. Unemployed and frustrated youth will lead to socio-political unrest and may pose a danger to national security as is evident in the case of the Naxal movement.
To address the above deficits, RK has embarked upon two initiatives. One is aimed at providing 'Skill Development  & Employability Training' in government colleges across Karnataka in a PPP model.  His second initiative is focused on providing  ‘Skill Training with Employment – Rural BPO’ for the Rural Youth in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

The Lead India movement was an initiative by the Times Group on the occasion of the 60th year of Indian Independence. It was launched to identify competent and concerned civilians who could be potential political leaders. Citizens of India aged between 25 and 45 participated in the three-stage contest the winner of which was declared to be a worthy contender for participating in India's next assembly elections. RK began his journey as one of the 34,000 valid applications from all over India and scintillatingly emerged the winner.

'My Life My Choice' is a book written by Rajeshwari Victor, an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad. In this book, the author explores a number of questions about career choices in a very practical way through real life stories of those who have made career changes after long corporate stints and then pursued radically different careers. Here's an excerpt of RK’s journey from a remote village in UP to becoming a successful entrepreneur and thereafter stepping into politics. “I had been a keen follower of this event last year and when I conceived of this book, he was the first among the respondents to enter my list. He is a higher order combination of “thinking” and “doing” and he knows that” explains the author. 

As Charter President of Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor, RK continues to play a major role in organizing Bangalore’s Midnight Marathon since the last five years. The world’s first Midnight Marathon was held on 19th May 2007 by the Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor. It has been successfully held every year and has made great strides in the last five years. Today, it happens to be Bangalore’s only marathon, featuring participants from more than 20 countries

RK Mishra moved to his lovely home as part of the gated community called palm meadows.

Problem: The single-lane road from the city center to the gated community was in a really bad shape, narrow and broken. When the matter was taken to the BDA, he was told that the road was not of importance (no politicians or bureaucrats lived on the road) and there was no provision in their budget for the road.

Solution: To break the impasse, RK proposed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to fix the road with a 50:50 cost sharing between the government and the public. The concerned officials agreed.