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"Most of us don't ask questions, which is why things remain as they are. If you have the commitment to follow through on your work, you can change things."
- RK Misra

Livelihood And Shelter For Flood Victims

SAHYOG aims to Provide Sustainable Livelihood not just shelter for 1000s of flood victims 'Low Cost-Good Quality Cluster Housing & Community Dairy Farms' for flood affected families

SAHYOG volunteers have been meeting and discussing with people from flood affected areas to assess the best possible way to help them get back to their normal life and sustainable livelihood. It is ironic that this drought prone region, where farmers have been committing suicide, is now ravaged by floods. We found out that majority of the population, comprising of small & marginal farmers, having lost their homes & livelihood opportunities, will soon be migrating to cities like Bangalore, in search of work. Their immediate need of food, medicine and clothing are being met by government and NGO efforts, however the worst still awaits these 3 Lakh families who have lost their homes and livelihood. It is impossible for these poor farmers to rebuild homes and livelihood with their own resources. The challenge is to not only provide shelter for these 3 Lakh families but also to create “sustainable livelihood” opportunities.

SAHYOG is working on a PILOT project to rehabilitate and provide livelihood opportunities for up to 2000 families in 20-30 villages. This will include a ‘Model 1BHK Cluster Dwelling Unit’, away from flood plain, using 'High Quality - Low Cost and Environment Friendly" construction materials. We will also provide solar powered lamps to each of these homes as well as potable water supply.Compact, Liveable and Sturdy, these homes would be built out of Local stone boulders and skills of people in the community of Rehabilitation. Plan of each home is a deviation from the usual box like appearance and number of units clustered together around a courtyard for achieving a sense of community living. Larger clusters may be arranged around community spaces such as parks, playgrounds. In essence this program is about creating newer villages with a planned approach to utilities and are aimed not just at providing shelter but “Living with Dignity”.

We will try to get these specifications and amenities adopted as a Mandatory Requirement for various ‘Housing Schemes for Poor’ which spend 1000s of Crores of public money each year in sub-standard and poor quality housing across the country. This will serve a larger cause and will help millions.

For sustainable livelihood, we have planned to promote community dairy farm in each village where every family will own at least one cross-breed high milk yield cow, arranged through loan financing. Given that this area is drought (and now flood) prone and land holdings of farmers are small, dairy is the best income generation source for farmers without disrupting their normal farming activities. Even in a drought/flood year, dairy will provided sustainable livelihood for these farmers. Collection of milk from each village will be ensured to provide assured income to these families.

Our aim is to not only provide bare homes but also sustainable and dignified livelihood to these poor farmers, much beyond the current crisis.

We have got commitment from political leadership for allotment of suitable land and other formalities. We have also been assured of complete and total support of the administration with dedicated a team of nodal officers.

Many corporate have partnered with SAHYOG, as they feel that their contributions will be better utilized and serve the long term livelihood needs of flood victims. This gives us lot of confidence that we will be able to do a good job and set a model rehabilitation initiative, which could be replicated in other parts of the country.

About SAHYOG – Founded by RK Misra in 2006, SAHYOG advocates and facilitates “Public-Private Partnerships” in the “Provision of Public Infrastructure” and “Creation of Livelihood Opportunities for Poor”. SAHYOG has been involved in many PPP infrastructure initiatives in Bangalore and various rural livelihood initiatives in other states.



  • SINGLE UNIT AREA – 331.31 SQ.FT 
  • CLUSTER AREA – 2044.36 SQ.FT (6 Units)


  • FOUNDATION – Rubble Stone Masonry   
  • FLOORING – Cement Oxide Flooring
  • TOILETS – Cement Oxide Finish
  • WINDOWS – RCC Frames / Ms Frames With Mild Steel Shutters 
  • DOORS – Block Board With Enamel Paint Finish
  • ROOF – RCC Filler Slab Construction   
  • WALLS – Boulder Blocks (Using Local Stones) Or Light Wt Hollow Blocks
  • PLASTERING – Cement Plastering (Inside Only)


Each cluster of Six 1BHK Homes, as shown above, will cost Rs. 8.5 Lakhs, including courtyard and septic tank