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"Most of us don't ask questions, which is why things remain as they are. If you have the commitment to follow through on your work, you can change things."
- RK Misra

Bangalore Roads - Way Forward

Bangalore Needs Multilayer Multimode Transport Corridors – We must start now

Bangalore has not added any major transport infrastructure in the last 10 years.  Leave BIAL aside, which has its own story, the last major infrastructure added to Bangalore was the Outer Ring Road, conceived almost 15 years ago, which is already very congested.

Let’s for a moment not worry about the past, how about the future?  What are the major projects which will come on-line in next 3-5 years?

Announcements notwithstanding, only first phase of Metro will be ready by 2011, which will be two straight line tracks, which will not even cover high commute areas of Whitefield and Electronic city. We must expedite Phase-2 of Metro and make sure that these high traffic areas are covered by Metro in the shortest possible time.

Even after Metro reaches these high density commute areas of Peenya, ITPL and Electronics city, traffic congestion will still remain. It is a known fact that commuters use public transport only if it is with-in the walking/cycling distance of their home or work place. So, even after 2nd and 3rd phase, Metro will not be with-in walking distance of most of Bangaloreans.

So, even after Metro is fully operational,  we will still need roads and road based transport systems.

So what is the solution?  Multilayer – Multimode transport systems to be developed simultaneously!



Given that neither can we widen our existing roads nor can we acquire land for new roads, only option left for Bangalore is to go vertical – with multilayer & multimode transport systems, like Hongkong, Bangkok and Tokyo which faced similar problems.  What is a multilayer-multimode transport system? It comprises of 2 or 3 layers of transport systems (roads/rails) running on top of one-another using elevated roads & rail tracks.

We should plan Elevated Multilayer-Multimode elevated transport corridors on existing High Traffic Density Roads. We should use median to erect columns without any need to acquire land or shift the utilities. Elevated Toll Road on median (as on Hosur Road) will carry through traffic. This will reduce load on existing surface road, which should be used to provide dedicated lanes for BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System). If Metro/Mono rail also goes through same road, we can have 3 layer system where surface road carries local traffic and BRTS, 1st elevated level carries Mono/Metro and 3rd elevated level carries toll road. This has been functioning successfully in almost all Asian cities.

We could start with the following multilayer-multimode transport corridors -

Outer Ring Road Corridor

From Jayadeva Hospital to Hebbal via Silk Board, Marthahalli & KR Puram. This will provide easy and fast access to IT Corridor & BIAL from South and East Bangalore.

North-East corridor

From Brookfield to Hebbal via Marthahalli, Trinity jn, Cubbon Road and Mekhri Circle. This will    ease commuter traffic from/to EPIP/ITPL, Whitefield, Indirangar and CBD.

North-South Corridor

Madivala to Hebbal via Brigade road joining the North-East Corridor on the Cubbon Road. This will help commuters to/from Electronics city, Koramangala and CBD areas