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"Most of us don't ask questions, which is why things remain as they are. If you have the commitment to follow through on your work, you can change things."
- RK Misra

PPP - Sahyog

RK founded SAHYOG – Indian Council for Public Private Partnership, to bring together public policy experts, government agencies and Social Entrepreneurs to promote sustainable and scalable initiatives in the areas of Urban Infrastructure, Health & Education, Rural Livelihood and Renewable Energy.



SAHYOG advocates and facilitates “Public-Private Partnerships” in the “Provision of Public Infrastructure” and “Creation of Livelihood Opportunities for Poor”. RK’s is well known for his successful Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives to improve Bangalore’s Infrastructure & Municipal Governance. Time and again, he has proven that successful Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) leverage private sector strengths & resources to improve the quality, efficiency and delivery, while maintaining an appropriate level of public sector control & regulation.