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"Most of us don't ask questions, which is why things remain as they are. If you have the commitment to follow through on your work, you can change things."
- RK Misra

Janmarg - Urban transport

“Janmarg” – People’s Way, the name for Ahmedabad’s BRTS was given by Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Janmarg is a system for one and all. It is about connecting people & ensuring progress. This has also created an identity for 'Public Transport' and a sense of pride among it’s citizens. Janmarg is an image that will define the ethos of Ahmedabad as a city that is ready to accept change, a city that has a vision for the future.

Author - RK's Note

In 2005, on turning 40, I decided to bid adieu to a globetrotting corporate life, to devote my time and resources to the issues of public policy and governance. Along the way, I came across senior BJP leaders who were keen to have professionals engage in political & public policy arena. 

My engagement with BJP’s Good Governance Cell came about when BJP President Sri Nitin Gadkari established this cell & wanted some of us to work on the policy issues concerning various areas of governance. As we moved forward, we decided to highlight various programs & policies of BJP ruled states, which have been extremely successful & worth emulating, under the series – “The Difference That We Made”.

Given my educational background & passion for urban planning & transport, I have been actively engaged with the urban development issues for over 10 years now, both at city planning level in Bangalore as well as at the national urban policy forums.

Our urban centers have been the economic growth engines, propelling India to the second fastest growing major economy in the world, behind China. However our policy makers and urban planners have failed to foresee this growth and to facilitate orderly development of urban India.

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