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"Most of us don't ask questions, which is why things remain as they are. If you have the commitment to follow through on your work, you can change things."
- RK Misra

Urban Planning - ABIDe

Bangalore has the potential to become the No. 1 City in India and an internationally prominent metropolis. To make this possible, we need to adopt a new urban planning model,  upgrade our infrastructure, improve the social facilities and create a better environment for good quality of life. In other words, we must re-invent Bangalore.”
                                                                                     - Chief Minister Shri B S Yeddyurappa



The above was the preamble & mission behind the formation of ABIDe, a taskj force comprising of political leadership, bureaucracy, subject matter extperts & imminent community leaders.


RK is the Core Group Member of the ABIDe.

ABIDe - Agenda for Bengaluru Infrastructure and Development Task Force is an initiative of the Government of Karnataka to build a better Bengaluru for its Citizens by adopting a new urban Planning model, upgrading infrastructure, improving social facilities to create a better environment for a good quality of life. The task force will deliberate upon the challenges facing the city, develop blueprints for possible solutions to these, consult with city agencies, the public and other stakeholders, and provide recommendations for the way forward. Wherever needed, ABIDe will also facilitate the work of agencies and departments by resolving bottlenecks.

ABIDe has formulated several draft reports and action plans and blueprints in the areas of Governance, Road Traffic Management & Transportation, Urban Poor, and Public Security. These reports are available here.