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"Most of us don't ask questions, which is why things remain as they are. If you have the commitment to follow through on your work, you can change things."
- RK Misra

Urban Governance

Cities are Growth Engines of India

With the increasing numbers of people migrating to towns and cities in search of economic opportunity urbanization in India is expanding rapidly.

“Most of us don’t ask questions, which is why things remain as they are. You don’t need to be a Narayana Murthy or Premji to get things done. If you have the commitment to follow through on your work, you can change things.”

In Bangalore, for instance there is now a substantial deficit of infrastructure in several key areas like roads and transport (both within cities and between important cities in the State), housing, drinking water supply, domestic sanitation, sewage treatment systems etc.

RK has founded a number of initiatives like Bangalore.IMAGINED - a Citizen Engagement Platform & SAHYOG – a Public Private Partnership Initiative which advocates and facilitates the ‘Provision of Public Infrastructure’ and ‘Creation of Livelihood Opportunities for Poor’ in a PPP format. Read through to know more about the initiatives.

'Janmarg' – People’s Way, the name for Ahmedabad’s BRTS was given by Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Janmarg is a system for one and all. It is about connecting people & ensuring progress. This has also created an identity for 'Public Transport' and a sense of pride among the citizens. Janmarg is an image that will define the ethos of Ahmedabad as a city that is ready to accept change, a city that has a vision for the future.

SAHYOG is working on a PILOT project to rehabilitate and provide livelihood opportunities for up to 2000 families in 20-30 villages. This will include a "Model 1BHK Cluster Dwelling Unit", away from flood plane, using 'High Quality - Low Cost and Environment Friendly" construction materials. We will also provide solar powered lamps to each of these homes as well as potable water supply.

Bangalore has not added any major transport infrastructure in the last 10 years.  Leaving BIAL aside, which has its own story, the last major infrastructure added to Bangalore was the Outer Ring Road, conceived almost 15 years ago, which is already very congested. Announcements notwithstanding, only first phase of Metro will be ready by 2011, which will be two straight line tracks, which will not even cover high commute areas of Whitefield and Electronic city. It is a known fact that commuters use public transport only if it is with-in the walking/cycling distance of their home or work place. So, we will still need roads and road based transport systems.

So what is the solution?  Multilayer – Multimode transport systems to be developed simultaneously!

BANGALORED – When IT professionals in US lost their job due to down-sizing and outsourcing, they used this term to mean that “They have been Banglored (fired), their job has gone to Bangalore (India).” Bangalore may face a similar situation, where jobs may move to other cities or countries due to severe infrastructure inadequacy. Government tries to give the impression of everything being normal.  But, infrastructure situation is getting serious by the day. Almost everyone is fed-up with pot-holed roads and ever-increasing commuting hours. Situation has reached alarming proportions.

RK founded SAHYOG – Indian Council for Public Private Partnership, to bring together public policy experts, government agencies and Social Entrepreneurs to promote sustainable and scalable initiatives in the areas of Urban Infrastructure, Health & Education, Rural Livelihood and Renewable Energy. 

ABIDe  is an initiative by the Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri B S Yeddyurappa as part of his commitment to address the urban chaos of Bengaluru. RK is the Core Group Member of ABIDe. The objective is to revive and rebuild Bengaluru through a combination of Comprehensive planning, improved municipal services and new investments into infrastructure.

Started in 2008, MATF is a Local Area Development (LAD) initiative spearheaded by RK Misra along with Mahadevapura MLA Mr. Arvind Limbavali and various civic & municipal agencies of Bangalore. RK’e efforts through MATF have resulted in planned infrastructure development & public facilities to make Mahadevapura a sustainable & sought after ‘Live-Work-Play’ suburb of Bangalore.

This is an initiative for the Economic Development of North Karnataka region which lacks development and is inaccessible. A North-South 'Suvarna Karnataka Growth Corridor' with an 8 Lane access controlled highway is proposed to connect Bidar to Bangalore via Gulbarga, Bijapur, Hospet & Chitradurga with branches/loops connecting Hubli, Belgaum, Mysore, Hassan, Shimoga & Raichur & Port Connectivity to Karwar & Mangalore.