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"India resides in the villages; rural development is the crying need of the day, villages should be made self reliant."
- RK Misra

Rural Livelihood

India Resides in Villages

About 80% of India’s population lives in the rural and semi urban areas. RK himself comes from a remote village in UP but, had the good fortune of getting quality education and emerge successful in life. But the one thing that bothered RK the most was the poverty stricken existence of the rural population in India and he wanted to help them live a better life. So, he came about the Integrated Rural Development Initiative, which essentially is local, green and self sustained.

He embarked upon a pilot project involving a cluster of 9 villages, 2000 families were assessed by dividing the population into 4 demographic groups and focussing on their needs/possible interventions. This pilot project was a success and has been  converted into a public policy with RK’s efforts. This is expected to be replicated in various parts of the country.

“I am a dreamer; I always wished and hoped that one day our village will develop. It is slowly coming true. Is it not destiny? I think it is, I am just an instrument.”

Action Plan: Bottom-up approach to planning for self sustained rural livelihood.

SAHYOG is working on a PILOT project to rehabilitate and provide livelihood opportunities for up to 2000 families in 20-30 villages. This will include a "Model 1BHK Cluster Dwelling Unit", away from flood plane, using 'High Quality - Low Cost and Environment Friendly" construction materials. We will also provide solar powered lamps to each of these homes as well as potable water supply.

The objective of this initiative is to assimilate Rural India into the knowledge economy by introducing rural youth to BPO opportunities and providing employment to them in their own villages. SAHYOG, A non profit trust established by RK Misra, has set-up a 30 Seat Employability Training Centre & 80 Seat Rural BPO in Village Sonari, District Sitapur (UP) in cooperation with Rural Shores

‘Agri-Plus’ is an initiative targeted at small to marginal farmers, with meagre land holdings. RK embarked upon a pilot project involving a cluster of 9 villages, 2000 families  in Sonari, UP. As part of this initiative, these farmers were educated about the monetary benefits of planting Horticulture & Medicinal cash crops and a Model state-of-the-art ‘Community Dairy’ has been set-up as a Milk Cooperative to supplement farmers’ agricultural income by dairy business. 

Due to diverse nature & resource availability of Rural India, we need specific interventions planned & suited to local needs. RK proposes a BOTTOM-UP Planning & Implementation Approach, which is being piloted in Sitapur district of UP. 'BLOCK' being the Nodal Development Unit should be the focus for Planning. For example - UP has 421 Blocks. Each block is to be surveyed to assess development needs & required interventions, by dividing the population into 4 demographic groups and focusing on their needs/possible interventions