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"India resides in the villages; rural development is the crying need of the day, villages should be made self reliant."
- RK Misra

Way Forward

Bottom-up Approach To Planning For Sustainable Rural Livelihood

So far India has relied upon 'Top Down Approach' to planning through hundreds of centrally planned welfare schemes costing thousands of Crores with mixed results. On the other hand, our expectations from 'Trickle Down Effect of High Economic Growth' has not materialized, as India's economic growth has been primarily driven by the Services Sector requiring higher education & vocational skills, not available in Rural India.

RK's Suggested Approach

Due to diverse nature & resource availability of Rural India, we need to plan specific interventions planned & suited to local needs. I propose a BOTTOM-UP Planning & Implementation Approach, which is being Piloted in Sitapur district of UP.

"BLOCK" being the Nodal Development Unit should be our focus for Planning. For example - UP has 421 Blocks. We need to survey each Block to asses development needs & required interventions, by dividing population in 4 Categories & focus on their needs/possible interventions

1. Small & Marginal Farmers - AGRI PLUS INCOME

Landless & Marginal Farmers can't sustain their livelihood on Agri alone. They need supplementary income. Based on their abilities, skills & local resources, interventions need to be planned i.e. Dairy, Horticulture, Cash Crops or Handicraft with Financial Inclusion & Targeted Assistance using UID/RRBs.

2. Semi/Uneducated Youth - SKILL TRAINING with EMPLOYMENT

Most vulnerable & potential target for terrorists & Maoists, these youth need to be provided skill training & employment in their local environs - Rural BPO, Bank/Insurance Correspondents, Agri Advisors, Dairy Managers, Social Entrepreneurs & community activists


Enrollment has gone up due to SSA but quality is poor. Teachers are neither sufficient nor Qualified. Improve Quality by Teacher Training & Technical Teaching Aids - Tele-Education & School Cluster Mentoring Programs have been very successful.

4. Children/Women/Elderly - HEALTH & CARE

PHCs aren't effective due to poor upkeep & distance. Preventive Healthcare by counseling (Tele-Consulting/Medicine) & Mobile Health Centers are effective tools to combat Child Mortality. One Maternity Hut in each Panchayat will bring down Delivery Deaths drastically.


We are PILOTING one such Program in Sitapur Ditrict, Kamlapur Block of UP. Various socio-economic programs of the stage/central government have also been efficiently dovetailed in this pilot. We will be happy to share our experience & show the success of the projects underway.

We have established a Community Dairy for Panchayat for Additional Income to Farmers, A Rural BPO for Semi-Educated Youth, adopted government schools, provided educational aids/training & now are planning to provide Tele-Medicine & Mobile Health Van.