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"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

Rural BPO - Employment For Growth


The Rural Youth, Semi-Educated with no skills or vocational training finds it hard to compete for jobs in the New Economy, stays back in the village and toils without any productive outcome.

New Resurgent India has failed to provide economic opportunities for the Rural Poor & Rural Youth.

To provide employment to Rural Youth, SAHYOG, A non profit trust established by RK Misra, has set-up a 30 Seat Employability Training Centre & 80 Seat Rural BPO in Village Sonari, District Sitapur (UP) in cooperation with Rural Shores. The objective of this initiative is to assimilate rural India into the knowledge economy by introducing rural youth to BPO opportunities and providing them with employment opportunities in their own villages.

In today's world, the lack of employment opportunity is luring people from villages to cities. Corporate world can benefit immensely by taking jobs to people rather than bringing people to jobs. Besides bringing cost effectiveness to clients, the RuralShores ecosystem ensures complete information protection, guaranteed service levels, a committed work force and business continuity. It proposes to collaborate with local entrepreneurs to empower rural youth, rely on indigenous resources, and build upon their existing cultural and economic context, thus advancing holistic rural development.

Project Details

The project comprises of a 30 Seat employability training centre which imparts Communication Skills & Computer usage training to the unemployed Rural Youth. After completing the training program, they are offered employment in the adjacent Rural BPO or they can opt for other employment opportunities elsewhere.

SAHYOG in partnership with Rural Shores operates Rural BPO in village Sonari. Rural Shores are the pioneers & have good experience of successfully running several such Rural BPOs in 7 states already.  This is the First such Rural BPO in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP).  This Solar Powered  BPO (there is chronic shortage of electricity in UP) has become a model rural employment initiative and has received wide media coverage & several awards.