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"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

RK Walks the Talk - Enters active Politics - Joins BJP

RK Misra, founder of Change India, has always been advocating that educated civil society must engage and align with the political class to remain relevant and meaningfully contribute to the issues of policy and governance.

Following his own advice and conviction, RK decided to enter active politics and has decided to join BJP on 21st March in Bangalore in presence of Mr. Arun Jaitley & Mr. Ananth Kumar, National General Secretaries of BJP.

RK firmly believes that to get competent and committed political leaders, we, the educated civil society, must align with the political parties and give them the confidence that GOOD candidates too are winnable because the middle class, youth and working professionals will come out and support the good candidates. This will motivate political parties to give tickets to honest and committed individuals, who are genuinley interested in public service and good governance.

"Failure of governance and lack of development are the two most important issues which our elected representatives and bureaucrats need to focus on. But if educated people who understand and are concerned about these issues do not engage with the political class, they will continue with the vote bank politics of caste, religion, favours and appeasement.This is the primary reason for me to join active politics", said RK Misra.

He added, "we have chosen parliamentary democracy system of government and are proud of being the largest democracy. An educated and well informed civil society making the right choice of political leadership is the foundation of a robust democracy. Unfortunately, given the much maligned image of our political class, educated civil society has chosen to stay away and disengage, which is unfortunate. We need to have role models among our political leaders, which our educated civil society can look upto and engage with, and I hope to work towards this objective."

"There is no ideal option in today's political system but I chose BJP for it's Nation First approach and focus on development and good governance, both during NDA rule and in the states run by BJP and their allies. I will work towards making BJP more inclusive and acceptable to all the sections of our society. I will strive to regain respect and admiration for our political class with utmost sincerity and commitment", added RK Misra.

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