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"It is our time and it is our battle to win. Let's march ahead."
- RK Misra


Political Change – INDIA, we can be proud of

Dominant political parties have always focussed on garnering the votes of struggling India. The poor were lured through the politics of entitlement, subsidy & waivers. Masses were provided with fish, but never taught how to fish. They always launched poverty alleviation schemes but number of poor only kept going up. Corruption has reached the highest echelons of our government. Corruption is not just a daily nuisance any more but is compromising our national security & sovereignty. We rank at the bottom in all Human Development Indices. 

Is this the India our forefathers dreamt of? Is this the nation they gave their lives for? 

We can no longer be just the bystanders trying to survive amidst corruption and injustice, we need fair play. It is time to make a difference and do away with the stereotypes attached to the world of politics and the resulting disillusionment that resides in our minds. We need to find an alternative to the current political system. We need to be the CHANGE we want to see around us. 

‘Nav Bharat' is a political movement to build a New India that is caring, efficient, transparent and accountable. We are determined to build a nation which respects human DIGNITY, believes in EQUALITY, strives for HARMONY, aspires for EXCELLENCE & achieves it SUSTAINABLY. We will build an India, we can be proud of.

We will achieve this by bringing about a paradigm shift in the political discourse of India by providing credible alternative to existing political parties and electoral candidates. We will make people aware of their citizenship and help them exercise their rights responsibly to get a responsive Government. 

Mahatma Gandhi is RK’s strongest influence in life and his quote “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching” is a quality that is innate in RK; he is a doer as much as he is a thinker.

As a tribute to Gandhi’s determined spirit and unquenchable faith in a free, secular & democratic India,  RK implores the fellow countrymen to pledge with him to bring about a paradigm shift in our political system and build a new India – 

‘Nav Bharat’ – INDIA, we can be proud of!

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Lets Build A New India - Nav Bharat