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"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

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3 most important challenges facing the nation

3 Most Important Challenges for the country –

1. Inclusive Growth – Urban Rural Divide

Is Parliamentary System or Presidential System of Government better for India –

Lets first understand as to why do we need to change the system of government –

I can think of 3 possible reasons –

Incompetent and Criminals as Ministers & MPs –
Due to lack of party democracy and transparent system of choosing party candidates, we get incompetent and criminal elements as MPs, who end-up running the nation.

Paralysis of Governance–

Times of India Feature R K Misra - Road Less Travelled

Here's the article (ToI.BLR.2007.0904.Pg02) for folks who missed it

Road less travelled

IN THE running As the deadline for nominations for Lead India nears, we profile some entrants
Swati Anand TNN

Would Mahatma be a political force in today's context ?

In the history of post independent India, NOW is the time when the Mahatma, a true leader and social reformer, will be the most potent political force.

India of TODAY is a nation of YOUNG. More than 50% of our population is below 25 years of age. The youth of today is ambitious, responsible and proud be an Indian. He wants to be relevant and be counted. He is looking for an identity and ideology.

Who should he/she look up to?

5 Contentious Issues - Reservation, SEZs, Disinvestment, Sting Operations Terror Laws

My Views on these issues –

1. Reservation-
I am against current reservation policy.
Reservation was a well meaning Affirmative Action by State to bring about socio-economic change for underprivileged sections of the society. However, now it has become a vote gathering tool for all political parties.
The situation has become so bad that every caste wants to be included in the list of underprivileged castes. It has become a race to the bottom now. It is really sad.

About Myself

About Myself

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my professional career. I founded and acquired three technology businesses, raised venture funds and made successful exits.In late 2005, I took time off from corporate role to advise entrepreneurs, invest as an Angel Investor and work in Public Policy Domain with various government and industry organizations.


IIT Kanpur - 85-89 (B Tech.)

Tokyo University - 89-91 (MS)


My motivation to Lead India

We are in the 60th year of our independence. India is experiencing unprecedented economic growth with GDP growing at around 9% and expected to grow even faster while we race towards the US$ 1 Trillion GDP. We are in the fastest growing region of the world, Asia, and have become the fourth largest economy in Asia.

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