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"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

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Morality of Anti Corruption Movement - Is this the Fight to Finish ?

As the saying goes, any struggle with a strong Moral Imperative is bound to succeed.

When Mahatma Gandhi took on almighty British, he had conviction of morality & power of truth on his side. Whole nation was united & finally British had to leave. "Freedom from British" had a strong moral narrative & Gandhi ji was a perfect messenger of this narrative.

21st March - The-Week-Gone-By - Japan Tragedy & Lessons for India

I was at Lucknow airport, when I saw some news flash on TV about Japan. Having lived in Japan for 8 years, with many close friends, I was keen to know the details, but had to board a flight. Reaching Bangalore late in the night, I got to know of the massive earthquake & resulting Tsunami (A Japanese word).

Over last one week, a lot has been seen & said about "Quiet Stoicism & Resilience of Japanese People", who have braved this tragedy which is unprecedented in scale & consequences.

Federalization of Indian Politics - The Contrast of "Federal BJP" & "Imperial Congress" ruled States

THE WEEK THAT WASN'T - My weekly Blah Blah on issues concerning the nation..ENJOY!

The Secret's Out- US & Europe Hunt Swiss accounts, how about India Dr. Singh?

In this moneyed, waterfront city, locals sail their yachts in the sunset and fill the parking lots of fine restaurants with luxury cars, while billboards along Lake Geneva advertise $20,000 wristwatches for sale, private islands for l

Delhi's TRYST with Washington - Did US Know & Let 26/11 happen!

It is that time again, when Indian Policy Makers are working hard to to convince themselves that US is indeed India's Ally & a Friend. After all US is the OLDEST Democracy & we are the LARGEST hence our friendship ought to be natural. We seem to be MISTAKEN and FOOLED once again!

Wondering - How to Deal with Pakistan ???

We lost the plot and wasted $2 Billion in aid to Afghanistan. US/UK are dealing directly with Pak on Afghanistan. India wasn't even invited for the London/Turkey summits.

Afghans LOVE India (for the help we provided) but FEAR Pakistan. FEAR is stronger emotion than LOVE.

SRK Incident - A national malice of VIP Culture ?

The demigod status accorded to Bollywood stars, Cricketers and popular politicians seems to reflect a mindset shaped by centuries of colonization of India. We firmly believe in 'Hero Worship' and 'VIP Status'. Many value their own status and standing by their perceived closeness to these so called VIPs and Stars.

BJP needs to put it's house in order & do it fast!

Though these are still early days but UPA (which essentially means Congress) is seemingly doing better on policy and governance front than most expected, after securing better than expected electoral mandate in May elections.

Congress must not waste this mandate!

I was happy to see the possibility of a stable government which is essential to provide a clear direction to our country in these times of economic uncertainty. Though my party has taken a beating in this election, but I was happy nonetheless and hoped that Congress will use this mandate to push forward the economic and inclusive development agenda, given that they will not have worry about the left and opportunistic allies.

Long Live Indian Democracy!

Now that elections are over and we will have a stable government in place, it is a good time to do some analysis of national mood and trends - what worked and what did not work for various political parties and alliances.

First of all, I would like to talk about the victor - The Congress.

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