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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
- Jimmy Dean
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Is Corruption the only way in Public Life?

There is anecdotal evidence that if there is no corruption, India’s GDP will add 3% to it’s annual growth rate & poverty will be a thing of the past in just 5 years.

Let’s not drool over these impossibilities as corruption is not going be removed completely from our country & society, but the larger question beckons –
Is Corruption the Only Way of being in Public Life?

Corruption is all pervasive in our society & daily lives.

21st March - The-Week-Gone-By - Japan Tragedy & Lessons for India

I was at Lucknow airport, when I saw some news flash on TV about Japan. Having lived in Japan for 8 years, with many close friends, I was keen to know the details, but had to board a flight. Reaching Bangalore late in the night, I got to know of the massive earthquake & resulting Tsunami (A Japanese word).

Over last one week, a lot has been seen & said about "Quiet Stoicism & Resilience of Japanese People", who have braved this tragedy which is unprecedented in scale & consequences.

Delhi's TRYST with Washington - Did US Know & Let 26/11 happen!

It is that time again, when Indian Policy Makers are working hard to to convince themselves that US is indeed India's Ally & a Friend. After all US is the OLDEST Democracy & we are the LARGEST hence our friendship ought to be natural. We seem to be MISTAKEN and FOOLED once again!

SRK Incident - A national malice of VIP Culture ?

The demigod status accorded to Bollywood stars, Cricketers and popular politicians seems to reflect a mindset shaped by centuries of colonization of India. We firmly believe in 'Hero Worship' and 'VIP Status'. Many value their own status and standing by their perceived closeness to these so called VIPs and Stars.

Secret Indian Wealth Aboard - S Gurumurthy -02-04-09

Switzerland has been accused of giving shelter to black money and there has been a lot of inflow of such wealth from India and other countries of the world.” This is not L K Advani, on election mode, speaking last Sunday, but the Swiss ambassador to India briefing the media in Delhi last year.

The occasion was the 60th anniversary of Indo-Swiss Friendship Treaty. Admitting that Indian black money gets hoarded in his country, he added that the new law in Switzerland would, not stop it, but control it “up to a certain limit”.

Times of India Feature R K Misra - Road Less Travelled

Here's the article (ToI.BLR.2007.0904.Pg02) for folks who missed it

Road less travelled

IN THE running As the deadline for nominations for Lead India nears, we profile some entrants
Swati Anand TNN

Would Mahatma be a political force in today's context ?

In the history of post independent India, NOW is the time when the Mahatma, a true leader and social reformer, will be the most potent political force.

India of TODAY is a nation of YOUNG. More than 50% of our population is below 25 years of age. The youth of today is ambitious, responsible and proud be an Indian. He wants to be relevant and be counted. He is looking for an identity and ideology.

Who should he/she look up to?

5 Contentious Issues - Reservation, SEZs, Disinvestment, Sting Operations Terror Laws

My Views on these issues –

1. Reservation-
I am against current reservation policy.
Reservation was a well meaning Affirmative Action by State to bring about socio-economic change for underprivileged sections of the society. However, now it has become a vote gathering tool for all political parties.
The situation has become so bad that every caste wants to be included in the list of underprivileged castes. It has become a race to the bottom now. It is really sad.

About Myself

About Myself

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my professional career. I founded and acquired three technology businesses, raised venture funds and made successful exits.In late 2005, I took time off from corporate role to advise entrepreneurs, invest as an Angel Investor and work in Public Policy Domain with various government and industry organizations.


IIT Kanpur - 85-89 (B Tech.)

Tokyo University - 89-91 (MS)


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