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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
- Jimmy Dean
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Lead India

My loyalty is to my conscience & my nation!

R K Misra is a member of the ABIDe task force for Bengaluru and urban reforms campaigner. He's a card holding member of the BJP. And yet, here he is supporting a Loksatta candidate, Ashwin Mahesh, in the coming Sunday's Graduate constituency election.

How do we "Change India"

Change India Movement - Join Now -

I have been very concerned with the repeated failure of governance mechanisms and inefficient delivery systems under successive governments both in the states and at the center. This results in anguish & frustration of populace, manifesting itself in so called anti-incumbency factor every 5 years during general elections which results in removal of incumbent government.

I have a DREAM – The India of My DREAMS - Primary Education

I was very young, 11 years. My parents were shifting from one small town to another small town in UP and I had to change my school, mid-session. I spent summer vacation at my paternal village, in Sitapur district and went to local village school till my admission in town school got finalized. It was around 15 months, when I got to see the REAL VILLAGE school. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

India begins with “I” – i.e. ME….

There is so much wrong but "NO ONE" is doing anything about it..sounds familiar...??

We all hear this on our daily life. Any meeting, party, casual chat or discussion about nation and society starts with the familiar cynical complaints about various issues and problems facing the nation and how come ‘NO-ONE’ is doing anything about it.

3 most important challenges facing the nation

3 Most Important Challenges for the country –

1. Inclusive Growth – Urban Rural Divide

My motivation to Lead India

We are in the 60th year of our independence. India is experiencing unprecedented economic growth with GDP growing at around 9% and expected to grow even faster while we race towards the US$ 1 Trillion GDP. We are in the fastest growing region of the world, Asia, and have become the fourth largest economy in Asia.

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